Workout Plans

Getting Started on a Fitness Journey

start your fitness journey

Getting your bum started on a new fitness journey can be challenging. Even more challenging is sticking with it and making a fitness a part of your lifestyle. A few simple steps can help you achieve your goals and stay fit!

Picnic Table Workout

Enjoy the fresh air with this picnic table workout. All you need is a set of dumbbells and a resistance band. This 45 minute workout includes both strength and cardiovascular exercises for a full body workout.

Three 20 Minute HIIT Workouts to Feed Your Exercise Addiction. No Equipment Needed!

HIIT Workout No Equipment

Many exercise addicts stress over missing a day at the gym or taking a break from their workout routine while on vacation. In just 20 minutes you can drive your heart rate up, burn a ton of calories, and maintain your strength. This article contains 3 workout plans that will change the way you workout on vacation and at home, leaving you to feel relaxed and refreshed!

Resistance Band Exercises that will Kick Your Behind


Have you ever wanted to get a quick strength workout in without going to the gym or buying heavy (and expensive) equipment? The resistance band is your answer! A resistance band works with all fitness levels, can be combined with any other workout program, and is easily stored in small spaces (including your suitcase).



This research summary examines the effectiveness and development of High-Intensity Circuit Training (HICT). HICT is an efficient training technique combining strength and cardiovascular training into one quick workout. Using body weight for resistance training further eliminates the time constraints of traveling to a gym or accessing weights for the trainings session. HICT training provides many of the same health benefits of traditional cardiovascular and strength training without the time.

Tone Your Arms with Mini Resistance Bands


Toning and strengthening the arms doesn’t need to involve heavy weights or cables. Whether you are traveling, working out from home, or just want another option to the weights and machines offered the gym, the mini resistance band can certainly provide various options to tone up your arms. These giant rubber bands are light weight, can easily be transported and are inexpensive.

Get Lean & Strong Legs with Mini Resistance Bands


Lean legs don’t have to be achieved through heavy squats, leg presses or hamstring curls. All you need is your body weight and a little, teeny, tiny resistance band.

Resistance Band HIIT Workout


Whether you workout at the gym, home or you’re traveling, this workout is guaranteed to, quite literally, kick your behind. Combining various exercises in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style workout will increase your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. All you need is a resistance band and a timer.

Plyometric Workout: Tabata Style


Plyometric training increases strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness. This plyometric workout requires no equipment, a variety of options and takes little time to reap the benefits of the workout.

Stay Healthy & Fit with Tabata Training

Tabata training using intervals of work followed by a short rest period to increase your cardiovascular fitness. This simple, 30 minute workout requires the use of a step but can be completed on the floor. There are many options so pick one that challenges you.

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