About Me

Hello and welcome to Sandy Bum Fitness. My name is Sandy and I am the creator of this website. I have a true passion for health and fitness (and the beach). Currently, I am a mother of two children, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer. I LOVE my “jobs” (they are so much fun) and I want to share what I love with you!

Beginning with playing sports growing up and as a college cheerleader, I developed a love for fitness and nutrition. As a college cheerleader, we trained with strength and conditioning coaches. This is where my interest in strength training and conditioning began. I studied education as an undergraduate. However, with a new found passion for fitness and health, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. I taught middle school health for many years then decided to spend more time with my daughter and son. I first began teaching a few group fitness classes and fell in love.

I hope to bring my passion to all of you. I enjoy learning new techniques, researching fitness topics and trends, and applying my newfound knowledge. I want to share this with you! Let’s get Sandy Bum Fit!