Picnic Table Workout

Enjoy the fresh air with this picnic table workout. All you need is a set of dumbbells and a resistance band. This 45 minute workout includes both strength and cardiovascular exercises for a full body workout.

The Workout Plan

This workout breaks the exercises into 2 blocks. The first block focuses on push exercises to work the front of the body. Block 2 switches to pull exercises to work the back of the body.

Follow these steps to set up your workout

  1. Hook a resistance band around a table or bench’s leg.
  2. Set a timer for 1:30 minutes with 15 seconds rest. Interval Timer is a free app that will make this process simple and is available on all smart devices.
  3. Start with exercise 1 in block 1. When finished this exercise, complete the 1st cardio exercise.
  4. Alternate between the rest of the exercises in block 1 with the 1st cardio exercise.
  5. Repeat this pattern with same strength exercises but change the cardio to the 2nd cardio exercise for block 1.
  6. Then, move on to block 2 and use the same sequence.

The Workout Demonstration Video

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