Unilateral Strength Training Workout

Unilateral strength training uses muscles on one side of the body to create more balanced muscles through training the muscles equally. Single arm and single leg exercises help to correct muscle imbalances, increase balance and engages the core. Bilateral exercises allow the dominant side to assist the weaker side. Unilateral exercises will help correct this imbalance leading to a reduced likelihood of injury and stronger muscles on both sides of the body.

The Workout

This workout requires the use of a single dumbbell. Complete 8-20 reps of each exercise on both sides. Then, repeat all 8 exercises 2-3 times. The number of reps will depend on the weight you have chosen and your goal. For an increase in strength, increase your weight but choose lower reps. For muscular endurance, decrease your dumbbell weight and increase the number of reps. Remember to only complete the number of reps you can do with correct technique and complete an equal number on both sides.

The Workout Video

Click on the video below to see demonstrations of each exercise with technique suggestions. Enjoy!

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