Stay Fit and Well During the Holidays

Baby it’s cold outside… Ahhhh! The holiday season is here. The next 5-6 weeks weeks are full of holiday celebrations, parties, shopping, and lots and lots of cookies. Not only are we faced with savory food and tempting desserts, but it is cold and difficult to motivate yourself to make the time to workout. Instead of just giving up totally and starting again in the new year, here are a few tips for staying fit and well during the holidays.

1. It’s Not All or Nothing

You heard me! Just because you had that cookie, piece of pie, or whatever “unhealthy” food item you love, doesn’t mean you have to give up for the day, weekend or week. It’s okay to treat yourself! Just stay on track as much as you can. One cheat meal or day is better than month of bad eating.

Even if you don’t have time for your normal workout, a 10-20 minute workout is MUCH BETTER than no workout. This quick workout will keep you committed to exercise!

Remember it’s really difficult to break bad habits so give yourself a break if you eat too much or miss a workout.  Just don’t make it a habit and once the celebrations are over, you’ll easily fall back into your wellness routine.

2. Workout Fromwoman doing yoga on round purple yoga mat Home

Find a space in your house and do a quick workout using your body weight or whatever equipment you have at home. An interval workout can be super quick and burn a bunch of calories. Check out some of these workouts for ideas.                 Sandy Bum’s Workout Plans

3. Bundle Up and Go for a Walk, Run or Hike

three people covering their faces

It may be cold outside but once you get moving, your body will create heat and you may even sweat. Grab a friend and head outside with a hat or ear muffs, gloves, and a few layers to keep warm. You’ll be surprised how much heat your body will produce and you’ll be taking some layers off.

4. Bring a Healthy Dish to the Party

Holiday parties are in abundance making it hard to stick to a healthy eating plan. Bringing a healthy dish to the party gives you something to snack on and feel good about. One of my favorites is a peanut butter dip with apple slices. Simply combine equal parts peanut butter and Greek yogurt and add honey to your likeness. No one will even realize this tasty treat is actually healthy.

5. Allow Yourself to Enjoy the Holidays

Give yourself a break and enjoy the people and the holiday spirit. Don’t stress over what you’re going to eat (or what you shouldn’t eat) or when you’re going to exercise. Keep up as much as you can and enjoy being with family and friends!




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