Resistance Band HIIT Workout

Whether you workout at the gym, home or you’re traveling, this workout is guaranteed to, quite literally, kick your behind. Combining various exercises in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style workout will increase your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. All you need is a resistance band and a timer.

Resistance bands are light, easy to pack for traveling, and take up minimal space. You may purchase various levels of bands or adjust the resistance of the band by grabbing closer to the center of the band.

The Workout Design

There are 4 exercises in each block alternating between cardiovascular and strength. Each of the 4 blocks targets a specific muscle group for the strength exercises and a movement focus for the cardiovascular exercises. Additionally, lower body and core exercises are incorporated throughout the workout. Complete each exercise in the block for 1 minute followed by 15 seconds of rest. Repeat the block twice before beginning the next block.

Note: Other work/ rest ratios can be applied based on your fitness level and your time. A few other suggestions would be 45/15, 30/10, or 20/10.

The Exercises img_2905


Block 1: Cardiovascular Focus: Running;  Strength Focus: Shoulders

Block 2: Cardiovascular Focus: Lateral (Frontal Plane) Movement; Strength Focus: Chest

Block 3: Cardiovascular Focus: Sagital Plane Movement; Strength Focus: Back

Block 4: Cardiovascular Focus: Transverse &  Frontal Plane (Lateral Movement); Strength Focus: Biceps & Triceps




The following video provides visual examples for each of the exercises.

Additional Notes

I use an interval timer on my phone that I can adjust the work/ rest times to meet my workout needs. The timer I prefer is Interval Timer- HIIT Workouts and is totally FREE.

I completed this workout on vacation. My glutes were on fire the next day!

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