Holiday Survival Guide: How to Stay Healthy (ish) during the Holidays

photo of a toast

Holiday parties, cookies, Egg Nog… all the temptations are right in front of you. Maybe you’ve worked really hard on losing weight or are in a really good routine and don’t want to lose focus. You can still enjoy the holidays without giving up on your health goals and here is how:

  1. Stay on track most of the time. It is okay to enjoy your favorite holiday treat or have a drink at a party. Treating yourself will satisfy your cravings and keep you from bingeing later. Just try to stay on track most of the time and use the holiday party as a treat.
  2. Keep your fitness routines. All the parties and special events make it difficult to keep to the same routine but make it a point to go to the gym as regularly as you can. Some exercise is better than none. Plus, you’ll feel better about yourself!
  3. Eat before you go. Eating a small meal before you go will help prevent your from overeating and making poor food choices.
  4. Fill your plate with healthy foods first. Begin with a lean protein and veggies. Then, chose a small portion of your favorite less healthy sides.
  5. Bring a healthy dish. Your healthy dish will give you something you know you can eat and not feel guilty about.
  6. Don’t hang out by the food. Hanging out by the food means you’ll likely graze and eat more than you intended. If you are surrounded by food, snack on the veggies and fruits. I you love a dip, use veggies to dip instead of crackers or bread.
  7. Get rid of leftovers or store them out of sight. Store the leftover cookies and sweets in a container in a cabinent so you don’t see them. If you are storing cold items, freeze them or get rid of them. The tempation may be too much so don’t put yourself in that situation. girl eating cupcake while sitting beside woman in blue denim distressed jeans
  8. Savor the holidays. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a few holiday treats. It’s okay to let yourself enjoy a FEW treats.

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