Resistance Band Workout Program that will Kick Your Behind

Have you ever wanted to get a quick strength workout in without going to the gym or buying heavy (and expensive) equipment? The resistance band is your answer! A resistance band works with all fitness levels, can be combined with any other workout program, and is easily stored in small spaces (including your suitcase).img_8310

Resistance Band Workout Plans

A resistance band can be a part of any workout. In addition to the strength exercises described below, you can add resistance band workouts to your cardio routine or create a HIIT style training.

  1. 1. Strength- Complete 10-20 repetitions of each exercise of the block. Repeat each exercise 2-3 times. Repeat the pattern for each block.
  2. Trail or Walking Workout Combination- Whether you are walking the trail, the neighborhood, or a treadmill, at given distances (let’s say .25 mile) or time (let’s say 5 minutes) stop your walk and complete one of the blocks. Repeat this sequence until all blocks have been completed 2-3 times creating a whole body strength and cardio workout. The great thing about this workout is if you can do this workout while pushing your stroller on a fun trail walk!
  3. Running Combination– Similarly, stop at given distances or times  to complete an entire block of exercises. Then repeat this pattern until all blocks have been completed 2-3 times.
  4. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)-Complete each exercise of the block for 1 minute followed by 15 seconds recovery. At the end of the block, complete the following exercises for 1 minute:
    1. Upper Body Push: Jump In & Out Push Up
    2. Upper Body Pull: Knee Pulls with Overhead Reach
    3. Lower Body: Jumping Jacks or Air Jacks
    4. Core: Mountain Climbers

Resistance Band ExercisesResistance Bands Chart

Each resistance band exercise is blocked into one of four blocks to increase strength at a greater rate. Each block can be completed independently, in combination with another block or all of the blocks can be completed in one workout session.  Below is the break down of the blocks, exercises, description of the exercise, and target muscles.

Upper Body Push
1. Squat Press Begin with the band under feet, palms facing in and in front of collar bone. Squat and press up. Target Muscles: Shoulders &Quadriceps
2. Lateral Raises Begin with the band under feet and arms by your side. Extend arms to shoulder level keeping a slight bend in the arms. Target Muscles: Shoulders
3. One Leg Tricep Kickback Place band under one foot. Grab the handle with the opposite hand. Lean forward , lifting the opposite foot up or leave extended behind you. Bring elbow to ribcage and extend arm. For less resistance adjust the band under the foot so the band is longer. For more resistance shorten the band. Target Muscles: Triceps & Hamstrings
4. Chest Press Wrap band around your back., grabbing handles or the band for more resistance. Keeping your elbows at shoulder level and palms down, press forward. To adjust the resistance, hold the band instead of the handles. Target Muscles: Chest

Upper Body Pull 
1. Lower Ab Press Begin lying on your back with the band under both feet and the handles at your shoulders. Press both or one foot out horizontally. Target Muscles: Abdominals, Hamstrings & Glutes
2. Bent Over Row Place the band under both feet, bend at the waist. Pull both elbows back towards ribcage, squeezing between the shoulder blades. If you need more resistance, grab on to the band instead of the handles.  Target Muscles: Back & Biceps
3. Lat Pull Down Hold the band overhead with a narrow grip. Pull down and wide until hands are at shoulder level. Additional resistance can be added by placing both hands closer to the center.  Target Muscles: Lats
4. Reverse Fly Hold the band with a narrow grip in front of the body. Keeping a slight bend in elbows, open arms to just in front of body. You can make this exercise more difficult by placing your hands closer to the center.  Target Muscles: Back

Lower Body
1. Squat w/ Adductor Lift Place the band under both feet, cross the band, and hold handles at hip. Bend knees in a squat and lift leg to side. Target Muscles: Quadriceps, Adductors
2. Lunge to Leg Press Place one foot on top of the band. Hold handles at shoulder level. Step back in a lunge then bring foot back in. Lift banded foot and press forward. Target Muscles: Quadriceps, Glutes, Abdominals
3. Squat Side Walk Begin with band under both feet, crossed and hold at hips. Bend knees and walk side to side. Target Muscles: Glutes
4. Deadlift w/ Upright Row Begin with band under both feet and crossed. Hinge at the hips, stand up and pull bands up towards collar bone, leading with the elbows. Target Muscles: Hamstrings, Shoulders

1. Squat w/ Adductor Lift Place the band under both feet, cross the band, and hold handles at hip. Bend knees in a squat and lift leg to side. Target Muscles: Quadriceps, Adductors
2. Side Bend with Overhead Press Begin with one band under foot and one hand holding the handle by the shoulder. Press the arm overhead bending at the side . Target Muscles: Obliques & Shoulders
3. Glute Kickbacks Start in a kneeling position with the band wrapped around one foot. Both handles are under the hands as you extend the banded foot straight out, parallel to the ground. Target Muscles: Glutes & Back
4. Wood Chop with Side Lunge Begin with your legs wide, knees faced out, and the band beneath one foot. With the arms extended over the knees and both hands holding the handles, twist across the body to the opposite side stopping at shoulder level. Target Muscles: Obliques, Shoulders, Quadriceps

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