RESEARCH ARTICLE SUMMARY “Science Shows You Shouldn’t Give Up on the Push-Up”


Push-ups have been and remain a staple in the fitness injury. The reason is simple. Whether completed on the toes or knees, push-ups activate the pecs, deltoids, and triceps. Further, compared to an alternate popular chest exercise, the bench press, the push-up engages the core at a much higher rate. In other words, the push-up is a fantastic exercise to tone the upper body and activate your core.

Are push-ups on your knees worth the effort? Absolutely! Many people are unable to complete a push-up on their toes using correct form and alignment. According to the research study conducted at Penn State University, push-ups on your toes and knees share the same overall ratio of muscle activation. Push-ups on your toes demand more muscle activation  but, the knee variation still offers a great alternative.

To read more about the research study conducted click on the following resources:

Les Mills Research Study: Push Ups

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